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The Prime Minister’s plans for his big meeting and opposing voices fight on despite more political suppression in the region.

“He’s still being held... They just make it up as they go along.”

- Phil Robertson, the deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division, speaking about charges against Nguyen Hoang Hai, a member of the online Free Vietnamese Journalists Club, saying they are politically motivated, and his extended detention was no different.

I will seek a compromise from the UN representative. Thailand should not be afraid of international intervention … and if Thailand is afraid, it means Thailand does not have good intentions. Real gold is never afraid of fire.”

- Hun Sen in a speech in August during which he announced Ban Ki-moon’s visit, Hun Sen said he would raise the Kingdom’s ongoing border dispute with Thailand with the UN head.

People can express their views freely on Facebook, especially Red Shirt people. Their other channels were blocked by the government.”

- Sombat Boonngama-nong, who has turned to Facebook to share political views with fellow supporters of the Red Shirt opposition movement since the government has become more active in silencing critics on other platforms.

Quote of the week

We propose that the [legislation] be amended to allow university students to be actively involved in politics. What is the point of us trumpeting that young people are important assets and future leaders if their wish to involve themselves [in] politics is denied and met with scorn?”

- Khairy Jamaluddin, leader of the United Malays National Organisation’s influential youth wing.

of the week

A boy swings from a strip of tyre in a lot strewn with rubbish in Daun Penh district. City officials, in concert with Cintri and youth volunteers, launched a campaign of marches to promote disposal of rubbish. SOVAN PHILONG
News Trends, coincidences, or similarities

The triple murder investigation begins
The triple murder investigation begins
POLICE questioned a man suspected in connection with the brutal murder of three family members whose slashed and beaten bodies were found in their home in Phnom Penh’s Chamkarmon district last week.
The three victims were found in their home with their hands tied behind their backs and their throats cut.
Progress is made as suspects are called in MEANCHEY district police yesterday apprehended 10 men suspected of involvement in the brutal murder of three family members in their home.
Mean Heng Tith, deputy district police chief, said 10 male suspects were arrested and temporarily detained for questioning in connection with the incident.

The CPP isn't listening
THE government has rejected a resolution approved last week by the European Parliament criticising the recent prosecution of opposition leader Sam Rainsy and commenting on an alleged “worrying authoritarian trend” in Cambodian politics.

The CPP isn't talking
TWENTY opposition lawmakers stormed out of a National Assembly session after SRP MP Son Chhay was prevented from putting questions directly to Labour Minister Vong Soth.
The walkout came 30 minutes into the two-hour session.

a little

Nine students were detained after an argument “over love” devolved into a swordfight in Phnom Penh. Police said the students, all boys, were close friends. However, on the day in question, an argument erupted over girls, prompting the boys to unsheath the swords they were carrying. When police arrived at the scene, the students stopped fighting among themselves and began kicking the police car. All nine were detained, and their parents were called in.
Big Stories

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will travel to Cambodia for a two-day state visit this weekend as part of a wider tour of the region, American officials have confirmed.
In a statement issued on Friday, the US state department said Clinton would arrive in Cambodia on October 30, and would meet government and civil society leaders in Phnom Penh. She is also expected to visit the Angkor Wat temple complex before jetting off to Malaysia.

HIDDEN away in the moon’s deep shadows were caches of frozen water, organic compounds such as methane toxins, toxins such as mercury, and even traces of silver and gold – a previously unimagined trove of lunar chemistry, scientists said.
These compounds and much more were kicked up when a NASA rocket and spacecraft were crashed into the lunar south pole. AFP

BRITAIN'S government hit back against charges that its massive spending cuts would hit the poor hardest and might not be enough to tackle the country’s record deficit.
Finance Minister George Osborne insisted his plans were fair a day after he unveiled measures that would cost 490,000 jobs, slash government budgets by around a fifth and take the axe to the welfare state.
He told the BBC the process had “involved some hard choices, but I think they are fair choices”.
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Follow-up to last weeks major news
POLICE released a man suspected of distilling rice wine that is thought to have killed at least 17 people in Kampong Cham provincebecause the man said he “didn’t believe his wine caused fatalities”.
Police chief Keo Seanghorn said the suspect was released on Tuesday. “We allowed him to go home because he said that he was in the wine business for more than 20 years,” he said.


  • Kak Channthy, Cambodian Space Project frontwoman, killed in crash at 38 [Updated]

    Updated 5:05pm, Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Kak Channthy, frontwoman of popular The Cambodian Space Project, was killed Tuesday morning in a traffic accident in Phnom Penh. She was 38. Channthy, the internationally recognised singer-songwriter also known as “Srey Thy”, was reportedly travelling in a tuk-tuk on the city's

  • Australians protest Asean summit visit by PM Hun Sen

    Hundreds of protesters gathered in Sydney’s Hyde Park on Friday to protest against Cambodian strongman Hun Sen, who claimed to have been gifted millions of dollars by the Australian government ahead of a special Asean summit this weekend. An estimated 300 protesters, the majority of

  • One Australian, one Cambodian killed in explosion at military base

    Updated: 5:20pm, Friday 16 March 2018 An Australian tourist and a Cambodian soldier were killed in an explosion on Thursday afternoon at an army base in Cambodia’s Kampong Speu province. The Australian, whom the government initially identified as a technical demining expert in his 40s, and

  • Peeling back layers of prehistory in Battambang

    When the man passed away, he had not yet reached 50. He belonged to a tribe that had settled near the Sangker River in Battambang province, likely cultivating the fields and raising animals. On the side, they hunted for boars, and even turtles, one of which