Welcome to LIFT issue 35

Welcome to LIFT issue 35

Khmer families are strong. They influence many of our biggest decisions and most important changes in life. Some of us still live with our family and some of us left years ago. But there is still no love stronger than that of a mother, father, sister or brother.

In this issue of Lift we look at families from various perspectives. We write about how youth are helping youth plan their families (page 6) and how people supporting their relatives is hurting Cambodian society (page 4). We also feature some artwork of families done by Cambodian teens (page 12).

This is the third week of out partnership with angkorone.com, and although we are thrilled with the comments we have received, we need more people to join our discussions! Go to angkorone.com/lift to take part in our discussions this week about family, computer games, as well as our past discussions on a variety of topics.

We hope you are enjoying the new-look Lift. Let us know what you think, then share it with your family and let us know what they think. The more feedback the better.