Welcome to LIFT issue 63

Welcome to LIFT issue 63

We hope you have a few minutes this week to try out some of the new features of Lift. Whether its participating in our polls or posting a photo on our Facebook page, or sending your resume to some of the organizations and companies in our opportunities listings, we think you will find something that pulls you in, and helps you network with potential employers, or future friends.

Our cover story this week is about Christianity, and the Cambodian youth who truly believe in the teachings and scripture that comes from the religion. We wanted to look at how Christianity fits within a Buddhist country, and how these Christian youth have adapted their belief system in the process.

Our other feature looks at what schools are doing to get more students to stay in school. Primary education has seen a boost in the last decade, but secondary schools are lagging. We look at why youth are leaving school and what can be done to get them back in the classroom.

You will also find the first instalment of “a day in the life,” part of our “life guide” that lets you see into the life of young professionals to get a sense of their daily life, and decide whether it might be something you want to do also.