What's New?

What's New?

Touch Yin Vannith listens in to a new radio show, out of Battambang, that is all about issues related to youth

One week ago, I went to Battambang province to join in an open broadcast on the Youth Voice radio programme that was broadcast live in Battambang University.

Apart from me, one of my classmates also participated in this event as we were the representatives for youth from Phnom Penh and media students.

Before this event came up, I had been in UBB and had met some students studying agriculture. They had potential, were helpful and friendly when I met them for the first time and they talked to me like I was an old friend.

The open broadcast Youth Voice programme is a unique radio show organised in cooperation between ABC International in Cambodia and FM 92.70 MHz Cham Kar Chek  Radio. They also have a talk back show called Light of the Region.

I was proud to be part of the programme and work with the event organisers who created the open broadcast in Battambang University where more than 300 students participated. All of them could ask questions directly to the guest speakers and other audience members could call in.

However, at this open broadcast the presenters looked a little nervous because the open broadcast format was new for them and they had to deal with many people around and the technical systems had some problems.

Despite these problems, I thought that it was a strange radio programme because I am obsessed with listening to the radio. But I had never heard a radio program where they spend one hour talking and something play music.

After the event finished, I talked to the team leader from ABC International in Cambodia, Nheata Roth. He told me that it was a unique radio programme using the best format. 

This show is broadcast for two hours every Friday from 10am till 12pm and has many guest speakers and youth discussing youth issues.

After I talked to the ABC team leader, I called young female presenter and news reader Yim Saoya, who I knew when I was in Battambang. She also told me that she had never presented this type of programme and that is was strange for her. She used to present a talk show and said that was fun. Sometimes she just says something and the guest speaker shares their experiences.

But she said the Youth Voice programme wants young people to say what they think about society and they can learn and get crucial information freely.

The Youth Voice show does not always talk to guest speakers and then talk to youth only. They have a precise format and they divide their air time into diverse sections.

Nheata Roth added that he is proud of his co-workers at Battambang as the programme they work very hard to make the show a success. Although they do not get any incentives or any support from NGOs, they still volunteer to make this programme sustainable.

“We have just been providing them with technical training and equipment as long as they need. We really appreciate the fact that they can pursue this programme by themselves in the long term,” Nheata added.
He will organise similar programmes in other provinces if he can get more funds and the result of the evaluation in Battambang turn out well.