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Youth of the week: Veasna Tith

Youth of the week: Veasna Tith

“The show ‘Krama’ is inspired by my local people and my family. We usually use krama in any situation even out of Cambodia, and we often make krama as a gift for foreigners. It represnts our tradition, so it seemed fitting that it be used in fashion so people can wear it anywhere and everywhere,” Veasna Tith, 27, said.


  Krama is a traditional Cambodian garment worn by men and women, and is also the name of fashion designer Veasna Tith’s up-and-coming fashion show to be hosted at the Institut francais du Cambodge.

She received a scholarship to pursue her Master’s degree at the Dong Hua University in China, and she is currently finishing another degree with a concentration in design art and fashion.

Now, Veasna Tith is in Cambodia on a research trip for her graduate project.

Veasna Tith is active in the Cambodian art scene – she has been involved in several international workshops and exhibitions. She has organised various exhibitions at Bophana, Meta House and the Department of Plastic Arts at the Ministry of Culture of Cambodia.

In China, Veasna Tith is not only a student but also a representative of Cambodia by working specifically with Cambodian art and culture. While it is not her first project, she says it is her first time combining both paint and fasion. It took her and her relatives three months to make the outfits for her exhibition.

Her second project combines painting and fashion with two other designers - Mr Khan Samphors and Mr Don Potescio, from the Phillipines. The show will be presented in Siem Reap on April 7 at the 1961 Gallery.

“After graduating from China, my plan will be to teach at The Royal University of Fine Arts about what I had gained from my degree. I will mostly focus on art history and be a guide on how to work on graduate dissertations, planning and researching.”

Veasna Tith said she hopes starting up the new course will be more beneficial to other budding artists.

“I believe that is a great opportunity because this course isn’t provided. Mostly art studies focus on writing a graduate thesis, but I want my course to be more hands on,” she said.