Shortly after the National Election Committee (NEC) released the official results of the July 23 national elections, the two parties which won seats in parliament – the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) and FUNCINPEC – issued statements declaring their willing acceptance of the results.

CPP won 120 out of 125 parliament seats, with the remaining 5 going to the royalist FUNCINPEC.

“The Cambodian People’s Party solemnly declare they accept the results of the seventh government mandate on July 23, in which the CPP received 82.30 of the total valid votes.

“This result reflects the popular support for the CPP led by Prime Minister Hun Sen, and it also reflects public support for Hun Manet as future prime minster,” said the CPP in a statement, which also thanked voters for their trust.

FUNCINPEC also thanked voters for their support for Prince Norodom Chakravuth, the president of the party, with nearly 1 million votes.

“FUNCINPEC declares that the election of the seventh government mandate on July 23 took place in an acceptable atmosphere. Therefore, FUNCINPEC accepts the official result released by the NEC,” it added.