The South Korea-based Universal Peace Federation (UPF) proposed that Prime Minister Hun Sen play a more important role in seeking peace for the world.

The request came at a June 4 meeting between Hun Sen and UPF director Yun Young-ho during his visit to Cambodia to observe the June 5 commune council elections, according to the premier’s official Facebook page.

The post quoted Yun as saying that Hun Sen’s biography that was shared at the Sunhak Peace Prize ceremony had attracted the attention of the world. The prime minister, he said, had gone through and overcome many problems to liberate Cambodia from the genocidal regime of the Khmer Rouge and end civil war, eventually bringing about comprehensive peace, stability and rapid development. And in particular, Hun Sen had brought Covid-19 under control and implemented a clear free democratic process by holding the elections.

“Yun asked him [Hun Sen] for his views on how the UPF could play a more important role in seeking peace for the world,” said the post.

Hun Sen thanked Yun for observing the elections, saying it was a clear promotion of Cambodian democracy. He requested a meeting of senior figures and evaluators, who could coordinate with other organisations in terms of peace issues not only in the Asia Pacific region, but also the whole world. Such a meeting could be especially important, given present world affairs, he said.

At the opening of the World Summit 2022 held by the UPF in February, in front of top leaders and specialists from more than 100 countries, Hun Sen had shared Cambodia’s experiences of seeking and building peace and reconciling the nation. He also said war could not end war, stressing that a peaceful dialogue and win-win negotiations were the only way to end conflict.

In February, the UPF presented an award to Hun Sen, recognising his many sacrifices in the cause of peace – and for inspiring mankind to seek world peace. The UPF said the premier had worked tirelessly to preserve life, end the civil war and bring a comprehensive peace to the Kingdom.