Prime Minister Hun Sen said the progress that has been made in the 44 years since the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime proves that Cambodia has been on the right track, and that the government has responded to the wishes of the people.

He called on the citizens of the Kingdom to protect the peace and destroy extremists and traitors.

While observing the 44th anniversary of the January 7 Victory over Genocide Day, held at Koh Pich, he said Cambodia had transitioned from a war-torn country to one of peace, unity, democracy, where human rights and the rule of law were respected. Citizens now live in harmony, protected by the constitution and the king.

He said that internal factors determined the victory, although external forces played a part. In this regard, he said any independent national must be determined to protect its independence, freedom and peace if it wants to achieve longevity.

Without naming anyone, Hun Sen said that Cambodian compatriots must root out the extremist policies where were initiated by a traitor and his group who are living abroad. They should not be allowed to cause chaos in society, as this could lead to national division and bring disaster to the nation.

“Any individual or party that serves the policies of an extremist and traitor must correct themselves immediately, or they will face legal action,” he added.

He also reminded the authorities to accelerate the process of finding solutions for people of Cambodia. While hearing their entreaties, they must expand the business environment, in order for everyone to have the same opportunity to prosper.

Political parties, the media, NGOs, the armed forces, and officials at all levels must ensure they conduct themselves within the law.