The National Election Committee (NEC) has distributed invitations to nearly eight million people whose names appeared on the 2020 voter list so that they can verify the 2021 voter list from October 12 to November 30.

The distribution, which ended on October 11, had seen invitations delivered to 7,916,745 people, or nearly 90 per cent of the 2020 voter list, as the 2022 commune council elections approach.

NEC member Mean Satik said in a meeting with stakeholders on October 11 that although the distribution had been completed, people who have not received an invitation can request one at the commune hall where they are registered.

NEC deputy secretary-general Som Sorida explained that the committee could not distribute invitations to everyone due to problems such as heavy rains, migration, deaths, and newcomers which made it difficult for the commune council to identity people in time for registration.

Covid-19 pandemic-related problems such as the lockdown of some villages and communes and quarantine also contributed to delays in distributing invitations. However, invitations that have not been sent out are being kept in the commune to be delivered at a later date, he said.

“People can check their name on the voter list via the NEC website, in the App and the distribution of invitations. The content of this invitation is transferred from the NEC’s official data. Once people receive the invitation, there is no need to visit the commune,” he said.

NEC secretary-general Tep Nytha said election preparations had generally gone smoothly despite some hurdles.

According to Satik, voter list verification and registration will last 50 days from October 12 to November 30 in the commune hall and other designated locations in the commune.

During the review of the voter list and registration, the commune council will place voter names at the commune hall every 15 days to discuss with the registration team on the next steps.

“According to the work calendar, the voter list will be placed at the commune halls on October 26, November 10, and November 25,” he said.