Prime Minister Hun Sen has addressed interpretations of his recent Twitter post, clarifying his comments were not intended as an affront to Thailand's Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat.

His comments on July 13 had drawn various reactions from readers. He posted a Twitter comment following Pita's unsuccessful bid to secure the necessary endorsement to become the next Thai Prime Minister.

He wrote: "Pita's failure to get enough votes to be Thai Prime Minister is a major failure of the brute opposition in Cambodia”.

The Prime Minister had referenced an opposition group, whom he termed as 'traitors', speculating their anticipation of leveraging Thai territory for their campaigns against the Cambodian government under Pita's potential leadership.

He said his remark, "Now the expectations of the brute opposition group have vanished like salt in water. Do not do politics that depend on somebody else," was a clear message to the extremists.

Hun Sen's initial tweet sparked reaction, including among Thai citizens.

However, in a tweet on July 14, Hun Sen clarified that his original comment was directed at the extremist opposition in Cambodia.

He indicated their failure was linked to Pita's unsuccessful bid for Thailand's Prime Minister's office.

The Cambodian opposition, he suggested, had pinned their hopes on Pita's success, expecting to execute their campaigns from Thailand against the Cambodian government.

"This extremist group has used the name of Mr. Pita for almost two months since he won the election," the Prime Minister pointed out.

Hun Sen was explicit in his stance, "I do not oppose Pita and neither do I interfere in internal affairs of Thailand. My message is intended to tell the extremist group in Cambodia that their wishes are dissolved like salt in water."

He underscored that Cambodia has no animosity towards Pita and was ready to work with him, should he lead the Thai government, and he respected for the Thai people's decisions.

In a firm conclusion, Hun Sen urged extremist groups who exploit Thai territory for activities against Cambodia, including using Pita's name for political gains, to halt such actions.

These groups, he emphasised, should stop relying on others to undermine their nation, particularly through the misuse of Pita's name, who remains unaware of his role in their agenda.