Prime Minister Hun Sen said the Candlelight Party is safe, now that they have issued a public statement which makes it clear that they have no links with former opposition leader Sam Rainsy. Rainsy was recently accused of insulting the king, and calling on the armed forces and the public to rise up against the government.

While distributing more than 684 tonnes of rice seeds to 6,844 families from nine districts in Kampong Thom province on the morning of October 29, Hun Sen said that now the Candlelight Party ‘can live with us’, referring to the fact that the party will no longer be sued for sharing links a ‘convict’.

“I should thank and appreciate the leaders of CP for making their position clear. We can now live together. If they had not done so, they would be facing problems. I stress again – no one shall link with that traitor,” he said.

“The leaders of the Candlelight Party issued a statement condemning those who insult the king. Their message was clearly targeted at the three-generation traitor, because no one except that particular individual has insulted the king,” he added.

Hun Sen had earlier warned that the party could face legal trouble, and potentially face dissolution, if was found to be linked to Rainsy. On October 27, they issued a statement condemning any individuals who intentionally insult the King, while denying having any form of relationship with the former opposition leader.