A senior health official and member of the Cambodian People’s Party’s (CPP) said that her party’s health policies aim to ensure nationwide health and safety.

York Sambath, Ministry of Health secretary of state, confirmed that the CPP’s policies were designed to guarantee well-being for all, rooted in peace, with two primary goals.

Sambath spoke at a July 15 round-table discussion centred on the political policy of parties contesting in the forthcoming general assembly.

The discussion’s theme, “Health Policies”, was proposed by the National Election Committee (NEC).

She explained that the first objective is to shield people from Covid-19 and other potential health emergencies or diseases.

The second goal aims to enhance the health and welfare of the people, particularly the poor and vulnerable.

The policy seeks to strengthen health system resilience and widen social health protection, aspiring to provide universal coverage in Cambodia by 2030.

Sambath also mentioned that the CPP has identified nine health sector priorities, including Covid-19 vaccines and equal, efficient, high-quality, and safe healthcare.

The Ministry of Health continues to boost reproductive health, decrease maternal and neonatal mortality rates, tackle nutrition deficits, and reduce the

incidence and death rates from diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, and other non-communicable illnesses, she said.

Representing the Grassroots Democratic Party (GDP) at the discussion, Neam Leang Chhin, emphasised the need to bolster the capacities of provincial hospitals to match national-level hospitals.

“We also have plans to establish a state hospital for elderly and adult patients that offers free treatment. This hospital will adhere to the standards of the Kantha Bopha Hospital,” Chhin added.

Chhin also stated that every health centre should have a doctor on duty, sufficient vaccines for children and infants, and ambulances for timely rescues.

The GDP also supports research and training centres for traditional herbal medicine and the evaluation of the traditional medicine practices.

Nhek Bun Chhay, president of the Khmer National United Party, underscored the need for a high-quality and efficient health system to offer basic health care to all Cambodians in his party platform.