Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sar Kheng rejected rumours and allegations of internal divisions within the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP).

He said he would offer his full support to the upcoming seventh mandate government, under prime minister-in-waiting Hun Manet.

The remarks came as opposition politicians and analysts have repeatedly commented that the CPP has serious internal divisions.

As CPP vice-president, Sar Kheng pointed out that the CPP won 82.30 per cent of the vote. This results, coupled with over 84 per cent voter turnout, clearly shows the solidarity of the CPP, as well as the level of public support for the party and its leadership.

“If there were splits within the party, then the CPP would not be as strong, and would not receive more and more support from the people one mandate after another,” he added.

He went on to say that the political ploy of attempting to split the CPP's internal unity been tried many times in the past, long before some of the current political parties were even formed.

Sar Kheng explained that many of them had been disbanded or dissolved due to their political naivety, while the CPP maintained strong internal unity and received the support of the majority of the government to lead the country towards continued peace and development.

“I have always respected and supported the decisions of the convention of the CPP, including the election of Prime Minister Hun Sen as CPP president for this and the next term and for the election of the presidential candidate in the future. I have always abided by the decisions of the CPP, with Hun Sen as head,” he added.