The Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) has begun a campaign to take down all signal boosters in boreys, or gated residential communities, in Phnom Penh. It has instructed borey developers to ensure that they are removed by December 10.

In a November 28 letter, Chea Chandara, deputy head of the TRC’s service quality working group for boreys, warned that many borey developers have allowed the construction of booster stations.

He explained that the boosters had a serious affect on the quality of services and disrupted signals. He reminded borey management and developers that the TRC previously asked people to voluntarily cease the use of the booster equipment from November 20-30.

“If this is not done, the developers of all boreys need to take action by dismantling similar equipment by December 10,” he added.

He explained that mobile service providers will fine-tune their networks to ensure coverage is complete without the need for boosters. This work will take place from December 10-25.

While meeting with scholarship students at the Cambodian Academy of Digital Technology’s Innovation Centre last week, Chea Vandeth, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, said that the ministry has made significant progress in carrying out internal reforms to enhance the telecommunications sector.

He explained that the ministry has enhanced digital connections, the quality of phone services and constructed new antennae.

“This work was carried out in order to meet the increased needs of the digital transformations taking place at government institutions, and to build digital citizenship,” he said.

“We plan to build about 1,000 antenna posts in Phnom Penh and thousands of posts in the provinces to further improve phone coverage for people,” he added.

Ahead of taking down the boosters, the TRC coordinated the work of telecommunications providers to build 70 antenna posts on top of the existing facilities, in order to provide coverage for people living in the capital’s boreys.