In the third “Angkor Thanksgiving” march, over 1,250 students participated to promote the preservation and appreciation of Angkor Wat, a national and international symbol of Cambodian identity.

Organised by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts on December 10, the march started in front of the world famous temple, proceeding to the Southern Gate of Angkor Thom and concluding in Siem Reap town.

The purpose was to commemorate the priceless UNESCO World Heritage site left by Cambodian ancestors for future generations.

Long Kosal, deputy director-general and spokesman of the APSARA National Authority’s (ANA), said that heritage protection is every Cambodian child’s responsibility.

He stated the significance of Khmer songs, ingrained in the hearts of the people and noted the crucial role of students as successors in preserving the national soul and identity for future prosperity.

“It is a great pleasure that 1,250 students participated in the Angkor Thanksgiving event. This significant image is intended to foster patriotism and cultivate ideas for strengthening our nation in the future,” he said.

The Angkor Thanksgiving event, spanning from December 7 to 16 within the Angkor Archaeological Park, serves as a 10-day tribute to ancestors and past kings. The focus is on preserving the temple’s legacy for the next generation of Cambodians.

The ministry said this cultural initiative not only honours the efforts of ancestors in constructing, maintaining and repairing the temple but also serves as a foundation for economic and cultural development. The commemoration acknowledges the enduring contributions made to preserve the territory from its inception to the present.

Pich Chanmony, the wife of Prime Minister Hun Manet, said she views this event as an expression of national pride, civilization and the rich history of the ancient Khmer religion. She encourages the public to actively promote Angkor, underscoring its potential to further develop the nation’s cultural and tourism sectors.