Rangers at the Boeung Tonle Chhmar Ramsar site bordering the Tonle Sap Lake in Kampong Thom province found 10 nests of the grey-headed fish eagle in October during its nesting season, bringing fresh hope for conservationists.

The fish-eating bird, known by its scientific name Icthyophaga ichthyaetus, is a "Near Threatened" species, according to Birdlife International. Its population has decreased in some key habitats including the area along the Sekong River.

“We hope more nests will be found because the nesting season is not over yet.

"This record proves that this Ramsar site is playing a significant role in providing an environment conducive to the survival of this species,” said NatureLife Cambodia, a conservation organisation established with support from BirdLife International and financial support from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund.

The NGO said on November 4 that it had supported the rangers in their monthly patrols to protect biodiversity and strengthen law enforcement. This work is carried out with the support of its EU-funded Our Tonle Sap project.