A senior health official confirmed that Cambodia has not recorded any monkeypox cases, but the ministry is still calling on the public to always be vigilant about prevention of communicable diseases and to get treatment right away should there be a suspected case.

Ministry of Health spokeswoman Or Vandine said on June 9 that the ministry’s rapid response team is searching for suspected cases in order to prevent the disease from spreading should it arrive in Cambodia. Some suspected cases have tested negative for monkeypox already.

“We have found 11 suspected cases so far, but they did not have monkeypox. They just had symptoms similar to those of monkeypox. They reported to the hospitals to see doctors about their conditions and their samples tested negative,” she said.

She added that some of them actually had enterovirus, which causes small spots on the hands, feet and mouth.

“What’s important is that at all schools and in all public places everyone contributes to keeping everything hygienic and washing their hands with soap. Even more importantly we must not touch people or animals with suspected symptoms and to always eat well-cooked food,” she said.