Over the past 22 years, the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction has distributed 1,356,396.16ha of land to 487,157 households, including members of the armed forces, border police officers and poor people.

The ministry also built 7,805 houses for families of members of the armed forces, National Police and other groups, according to ministry secretary of state Theng Chan Sangvar.

Lor Davuth, secretary of state at the ministry, said the allocation programme for social land concessions is done to help people who lacked land, noting that the number of plots distributed to the people has also increased.

“For this distribution, we take suitable parcels of state land for social concessions and distribute it to the people. We have measured 700,000 plots of land and we’ve distributed them to more than 480,000 households on more than 1.3 million ha,” he elaborated.