The Apsara National Authority (ANA) permitted 1,110 property owners in the Angkor Archaeological Park area to repair their homes during the first quarter of this year.

In total, the ANA received 1,523 requests but had to reject a portion of the applications because citizens either didn’t meet all the required conditions or didn’t complete the proper forms.

It found 729 structures in the area built illegally and ordered them to be demolished, spokesman Long Kosal said, adding that the property owners were newcomers to the region.

In some cases, citizens built their houses differently than than stipulated on their application forms.

Of the 1,110 houses which were permitted to be repaired, there are 114 in Prasat Bakong, 75 in Angkor Thom, 255 in Puok, and 497 in Banteay Srei districts, apart from 169 in Siem Reap town, an ANA report said.

ANA authorities regulate house and structured repairs in the area and spend time educating the Angkor community about how to apply for repairs through the proper channels.

It said that requesting repairs and services are free of charge.