The Apsara National Authority (ANA) said that they plan to open visitor pathways at the Chau Say Tevoda temple and Thommanon temple soon. The paths will enable visitors to view the temples from all angles and see the main points of interest at the temples, according to the ANA’s announcement on June 11.

You Chantha, an official at the Department of Cultural Development, Museums and Heritage Norms under the ANA, who is also in charge of setting up these paths, said that they will be organized in two phases.

The first phase will be arranged at Chau Say Tevoda temple to direct tourists to visit the entrance from the east. Previously, tourists who visited this temple often walked through the north entrance which made it impossible to visit all of the main points of interest in the temple.

The second phase, he said, is a long path which starts from Angkor Thom's Victory Gate or the eastern gate and heads to the Eastern Baray dam.

“The tourists can park their cars at the Victory Gate area and visit Thommanon temple, continue to the nursery station of the Apsara National Authority, see the water connection with the Siem Reap river and the ancient bridge and then continue to visit Chau Say Tevoda temple from the east entrance,” Chantha said about the second phase of the tour.

He said the team is currently organizing an information board describing the main points of the carvings and temples, creating signage and informing tour guides to facilitate the visits.

“Arranging visitor pathways will increase safety at the temples. Additionally, it will give tourists a better experience while visiting the ancient temples. In this regard, Apsara National Authority encourages all tourists to abide by the instructions posted for these organized visiting circuits,” ANA said.