The APSARA National Authority (ANA) has reiterated that taking photos or videos for personal reasons or as tourism mementos at the temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park is not prohibited. Nor should payment be required, it added.

A September 26 announcement was issued to clarify several recent comments on social media, which claimed that the ANA has placed restrictions on filming or taking pictures at temples in the Angkor resort, even if they are simple wedding photos, tourist snaps or personal souvenirs.

The statement explained that there is no ban or restriction on taking non-commercial photos or videos, and in fact they were encouraged, as they promote the art and cultural treasures of Cambodia to the world.

“Obviously, many photos and videos are regularly posted by national and international tourists to social media such as Facebook, Tiktok and others,” it added.

It went on to explain that in order to avoid unintentional mistakes caused by misleading publicity that may affect the value of the invaluable ancient temples of the World Heritage Site, members of the public are required to ask for permission before shooting commercial images.

The ANA said that application must be made before photographing or filming for the purpose of advertising products or creating a business. Pre-wedding photography in traditional costumes is free of charge, provided the authenticity of the traditional clothing is approved.

Cambodia Association of Travel Agents adviser Ho Vandy believed the ANA’s announcement demonstrated an easing of restrictions on photography and videography at the Angkor resort.

“In the past, members of the public have complained about restrictions on photography, but the new announcement explains that it is open to the public, with no permission required. If you want to take commercial pictures or video, of course you need to apply a license,” he said.

Vandy added that he believed the ANA’s softening attitude will encourage the public to take beautiful images of the Angkor area and share them to social media. This will encourage the return of tourists.