The National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD) and the Ministry of Health organised a workshop on the effects of drug abuse and tobacco use.

The event, held at the Secondary School of Fine Arts (SSFA) in Phnom Penh on December 8, aimed to provide information to teachers and students. 

NACD deputy secretary-general Thong Sokunthea and Kim Pinon, undersecretary of state at the culture ministry, led the workshop, underscoring a dedication to addressing the challenges associated with drug abuse and contributing to societal wellbeing.

Pinon said that his ministry is committed to collaborating with the NACD in raising awareness about these issues.

“We will implement the insights and expertise gained from this workshop in education and health care efforts to combat the abuse and trafficking of drugs and the impact of tobacco products. This ensures societal health, order, security and development. Consequently, we aim to decrease tobacco use and eliminate widespread drug issues in rural areas,” he said.

Sokunthea extended gratitude to the ministry for holding the conference in alignment with NACD’s directives, urging participants to integrate this knowledge into their professional endeavours.

The occasion provided participants with fundamental knowledge about drug-related matters, laws, the effects of tobacco product use, tobacco control laws and various legal documents. This knowledge aims to contribute to reducing tobacco usage and eliminating drug issues across the country.

Heng Kamsan, deputy principal of the SSFA, noted that over the school’s 42-year history, many of the 10,000 graduates have benefited from receiving education on drug and tobacco issues.