National Assembly (NA) president Khuon Sudary highlighted the NA’s proactive engagement in the past three months, addressing 106 complaints and intervention requests, successfully resolving 44 cases. 

Under Sudary’s leadership, significant achievements were made by the government from August 21 to December 31, 2023, said the NA in a social media post.

On December 29, the NA concluded its first session, marking it with impactful results, including the approval of six draft laws, proposed amendments to its internal rules and diverse activities dedicated to serving the interests of the nation and people.

“In the past three months, [Sudary] engaged in 18 meetings with national and international guests. Additionally, she led a high-level parliamentary delegation, visiting Vietnam and Laos, and participated in the CLV Summit hosted by the Lao National Assembly,” said in reference to the three CLV nations of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

“Regarding the 106 complaints and intervention requests received by the NA, 44 cases were successfully resolved by forwarding them to relevant ministries. Currently, 61 cases are under examination, one remains unresolved, and 14 have received responses from the relevant institutions,” it said.

Chey Tech, an independent socio-economic analyst, acknowledged the accomplishments of the seventh legislature of the NA over the past three months, citing the approval of six draft laws and various other activities.

Discussing the NA’s role in addressing people’s complaints and intervention requests, Tech said December 31 that handling over 100 cases demonstrated its accountability to the electorate and its responsibility in monitoring the executive’s governance.

He opined, however, that the NA’s mechanism for receiving and resolving complaints lacks comprehensiveness, effectiveness, transparency and credibility.

“The NA should improve the mechanism by simplifying the complaint process. Suggestions included options like using mailboxes, social media or creating an app to allow people to submit complaints through either email or voicemail, especially for those who are not literate in Khmer. Additionally, ensuring confidentiality for complainants is crucial,” he said.

Tech further suggested that the NA collaborate with relevant ministries or stakeholders to transparently address and respond to complainants. Regular reports on these matters should also be provided, he added.