A batch of 283,000 doses of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine donated by Australia arrived in Cambodia on August 26.

The social media of Prime Minister Hun Sen said that the vaccines are to be used for children. This shipment follows the first batch of 196,800 doses of the same type of vaccine which arrived in July.

In December last year, Australia donated 2.3 million doses of Pfizer vaccines, in addition to other medical equipment to be employed in the fight against Covid-19.

“These vaccines and medical equipment reflect the care of the government and the people of Australia in the fight against Covid-19, and will save the lives of Cambodian people from the disease,” his Facebook post said.

He added that vaccines are the most effective weapon to protect the lives of the people against the virus. Cambodia had applied what he called a ‘blossom vaccination strategy’ which had successfully prevented the spread of the disease.