The Banking Jobs and Skills Summit 2023 is set to take place from September 29-30 at the National University of Management (NUM), featuring around 20 financial institutions and offering thousands of job opportunities to students.

The forum is a collaborative effort between NUM, the Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC), the ABC’s Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF), and Salatech Pte Ltd (Sala), an ed-tech company aiming to equip students with skills and opportunities in the banking and finance industry.

ABC secretary-general Phal-Chalm Thany said at a September 6 press conference that the association prioritises capacity building, education and human resource development.

“We’ve initiated an education committee and established the IBF to foster growth and sustainability in Cambodia’s banking sector. We’ll continue to back activities beneficial to education and talent advancement,” she said.

Thany noted that the IBF has trained over 40,000 people in banking since its establishment in 2018.

NUM rector Hor Peng said the university has increased partnerships with both public and private institutions like the IBF and the ABC to address the market’s labour demands.

“We aim to ensure our graduates are job-ready by tailoring the curriculum according to the needs and current conditions of financial firms and banks,” he stated.

Peng added that the university has launched a job centre to bridge the gap between stusdents’ academic skills and employment opportunities, encouraging them to seek roles aligned with their training.

Sok Leap, CEO and co-founder of Sala and a partner of the IBF, emphasised the wealth of opportunities within the banking and finance sector, but noted that they come with skill requirements.

“The forum serves as an excellent platform for students to gain essential knowledge and prepare for a career in one of the Kingdom’s fastest-growing sectors,” he said.