Veteran journalist Puy Kea published his book “Behind the Scenes” to help the public understand what was going on outside of the official meetings of leaders of ASEAN and the world. The book has attracted public attention after it was printed in recent days.

The book was written by old-handed journalist Kea, who remains a correspondent for the Kyodo News Agency.

In a July 29 press statement, Kea said he had spent ten years collecting the information needed to publish his story. He claimed that his 200-page opus was different from anything ever printed in Cambodia.

“A lot of high-profile events are analysed in this book, as well as many serious players. Their love affairs, work, attitudes, their contradictory ideas, and territorial disputes, are in this book” he said.

Besides gaining an understanding of what is normally concealed, readers can use this book as additional resource for their reference because Kea carefully selected information from sources and from what he himself witnessed.

Kea said that he was happy to see more than 3,000 copies had been sold in the first week. He plans to print up to 30,000 copies to meet demand.

Behind The Scenes of ASEAN and world leaders is published as Cambodia holds the rotating ASEAN chairmanship. Cambodia’s role as chair is highlighted in some passages of the book.