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Brands Alliance Int’l appoints The Phnom Penh Post as media partner

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Ly Tayseng (second from left) and general manager Marcellus Ryan Tan sign an MoU. Looking on (left) is Post Media Co Ltd chief operating officer James Ong and Brands Alliance business development director Ronnie Lim (far right). Hong Menea

Brands Alliance Int’l appoints The Phnom Penh Post as media partner

Brands Alliance International (Cambodia) has selected The Phnom Penh Post as its official media partner for the inaugural launch of its Cambodia Outstanding Employee Awards.

A memorandum of understanding to this effect was signed on Friday between Brands Alliance general manager Marcellus Ryan Tan and Ly Tayseng, the publisher and CEO of Post Media Co Ltd, which produces The Phnom Penh Post, Post Khmer and their digital channels.

At an event attended by around 50 guests and sponsors, Tayseng said Brands Alliance launching the awards was apt considering Cambodia’s current pace of rapid development, where local talent and human resources play an integral and highly important role.

“Recognising employees for their hard work is a must. Since the new management took over The Phnom Penh Post and Post Khmer 15 months ago, we have sent our staff on various training programmes and overseas stints so that those who work hard are recognised and can continue to develop rewarding careers with us.

“We have also revised employee contracts to provide longer annual leave and better benefits. Some of our employees even have their children’s education paid for by the company,” Tayseng said.

He also said that, like Brands Alliance, many other companies have approached The Post’s print and digital channels to become advertising partners in their integrated corporate marketing and business strategies.

“As the biggest media organisation in Cambodia, this is not surprising. But we are especially proud to be recognised as the best choice for advertising and selection as the official media partner for Cambodia-based corporations,” Tayseng said.

Tan said he agreed with Tayseng that recognising employees for their hard work is a must, which is why Brands Alliance launched its latest awards and selected The Post as the best media partner it could appoint in the Kingdom.

He said Brands Alliance was established with a core goal in mind – to create a unique business platform which empowers local businesses, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals to work together and showcase important industry standards in Cambodia.

“Last year, we successfully held the first-ever Cambodia Successful Brands Awards, which demonstrated the importance of brand management, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance, but more importantly showcased the success stories of local entrepreneurs.

“Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the Cambodia Outstanding Employee Awards, which is about celebrating employee workplace excellence and recognising the individuals who make a difference to the companies they work in,” he said.

Tan said of the total eight awards, four will be for management and four for employees.

He said the management awards are for the Most Valued Player within a company, while The Intelligent is for those who display strategic or problem-solving abilities.

The Weightlifter is awarded to those who show the strength to go the extra mile, while The Captain is selected among those that exemplify leadership and responsibility to those under their care.

Non-management awards are The Innovator, which is for those constantly seeking ways to improve or creatively adapt to situations, while The Financially Wise is awarded to the person who has most contributed to improving cost efficiency.

The Cheerleader is given to the individual who brings a positive spirit to team members and brings out their passion.

The Rookie is awarded to new members of the team who have shown exceptional professionalism and results.

To learn more about the Cambodia Outstanding Employee Awards and to submit the names of potential awardees, please visit http://baic.asia/coea/.