A Bunong ethnic minority community in Mondulkiri province’s Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary recently planted 100 poles to mark the boundaries of their community land to avoid land disputes and protect natural resource in Sen Monorom commune, O’Raing district.

The work was funded by the Keo Seima REDD+ Project and USAID Morodok Baitang, according to a USAID Morodok Baitang social media post.

“Through collective land registration, the Bunong community of Andong Kraleong village has secured an Indigenous Community Title (ICT) for their traditional land which secures their rights to manage and use their traditional land and natural resources,” it said.

“Clear and participatory boundary demarcation of that land is critical to secure those rights,” it added.

It explained that 30 more markers were installed around the boundaries of Jahoo Camp and Leng Kao ecotourism sites.

With these poles in place, the boundaries of the Bunong indigenous community land are more visible, allowing for better enforcement of protected area laws including those banning the clearance of land and the harvesting of timber.