Cambodian ambassador to the UK Kan Pharith presented the Royal Government of Cambodia's Medal of Honour to Lou McGrath for his humanitarian work to help rescue victims of civil war through the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation in Cambodia.

Ly Thuch, First Vice-President of the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA), said in a press release on April 15 that the CMAA had already coordinated and worked with the Cambodian embassy in the UK to present the medal to McGrath on April 14.

The press statement said that since its establishment 11 years ago, the foundation has supported the clearance of landmines and explosive remnants of war in mine-strewn parts of Cambodia. The foundation has established mine-risk education and prosthetics training programmes and also funded a vocational training centre for people with disabilities in Pursat province.

It added that the foundation, through the CMAA, had also helped reduce burdens on the livelihoods of people and families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Due to Covid-19, the medal presentation ceremony was held in Booths, Knutsford, England, and was attended by Knutsford Mayor Cllr Stewart Gardner," said the statement.

McGrath told Thuch that it was such a great honour for him to be presented with this award and he wished to extend his thanks to the government through the CMAA.

McGrath said that over the many years he have been involved with mine action in Cambodia, he has made so many Khmer friends.

“I wish to share this honour with all my Khmer friends and colleagues who have helped me over many years combat the impact that landmines and UXO have on this beautiful country,” he said.