A senior official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has encouraged officials to engage in economic diplomacy to enhance Cambodia’s prestige, peace, stability and safety, and to counter negative information that could damage the nation's reputation.

Ministry secretary of state Chhiv Yiseang noted that despite the subsiding Covid-19 situation, current global events like the Russia-Ukraine war, the Israel-Hamas conflict and the tensions between superpowers continue to pose threats to peace and prosperity both regionally and globally.

He highlighted issues such as faltering supply chains, high inflation and crises in tourism and transport affecting global economies.

Yiseang made the remarks during a meeting held to review the three-year achievement of the country’s economic diplomacy strategies and gather input for the 2024-28 plan.

He emphasised that, in these circumstances, the country’s commercial diplomacy policy remains crucial in opening up international trade and strengthening socio-economic resilience, thereby maximising benefits for the country.

“We need to create activities and programmes in collaboration with relevant ministries and institutions and attend events to showcase Cambodia's prestige, peace, stability and safety, and to neutralise negative information that tarnishes our reputation, especially in investment and tourism,” he added.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, expressed his support for the call on Cambodian representatives to the UN to actively and diligently promote the positive aspects and beneficial activities of the country to attract investment and tourism.

He observed that the promotion of trade and cultural heritage has been limited, citing for example the cultural appeal of homegrown goods such as South Korea's Kimchi.

“The sale and allure of Kimchi moved from Korea’s provinces to international urban areas. That’s an example of culture kick-starting the economy,” he added.