Senate president Say Chhum stated that the Cambodian government is ready to collaborate with Myanmar to enhance bilateral relations between the two nations, acknowledging the ongoing progress of their traditionally cooperative ties.

Chuum made the remarks during a March 4 meeting with newly-appointed Myanmar ambassador to Cambodia Kyaw Soe Min.

According to a Senate press release, Chhum noted the long-standing and historical ties between the two predominantly Buddhist countries. 

He commended the development of relations and cooperation, expressing confidence that the new ambassador would work to further strengthen and broaden the friendship and collaborative efforts across all sectors.

“We are all prepared to work and cooperate closely with the Myanmar ambassador to enhance the … friendship that bring mutual benefits to the peoples and both countries,” he was quoted as saying.

In response, the ambassador expressed his contentment with bilateral relations.

“During my mission in Cambodia, I aim to contribute to strengthening and expanding the relations, friendship and cooperation between our two nations,” he stated. 

Seun Sam, an international policy researcher at the Royal Academy of Cambodia, noted that while the Kingdom and Myanmar have maintained good relations, their economic and military interactions have been limited. 

He said Myanmar’s internal crisis has had minimal impact on their relationship.

Sam pointed out that Cambodia has actively sought solutions to Myanmar’s crisis, particularly during its ASEAN chairmanship in 2022, valuing the relationship due to the Kingdom’s own experience with internal crises.

“The relationship between Cambodia and Myanmar can benefit each other as friends, brothers and ASEAN members. Mutual support and closeness are crucial for international cooperation,” he stated.

“The current crisis in Myanmar might not bolster economic ties with Cambodia, but having friends rather than adversaries is positive,” he added.

However, Sam noted that the close relationship between the two nations currently offers limited benefits and has little impact on Cambodia. 

He said some ASEAN member have exerted pressure on Myanmar’s military regime, while Cambodia has maintained a softer diplomatic approach.