The labour ministry announced on July 28 that Cambodia's Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institute has been chosen as a partner within the ASEAN-Korea framework. This partnership will facilitate the training of students and trainees from ASEAN member countries.

Hing Sideth, head of the ministry's TVET General Directorate, led the opening ceremony of the training course "PLC Sequence Control".

This course is part of the ASEAN-Korea TVET Mobility Programme. According to the ministry, the programme saw the participation of 50 trainees from ASEAN countries including Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar and the Philippines.

The ministry disclosed that the project was a collaborative effort with the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Cambodia's Preah Kossomak Polytechnic Institute (PPI), another institution under the Kingdom's labour ministry.

This partnership aims to enhance the professional skills of trainees, with the Kossomak Polytechnic Institute set to conduct another training course at the beginning of 2024.

The upcoming course will span three months, with two months dedicated to study at the PPI and the remaining month set aside for practical experience in factories. This blend of theoretical learning and practical application aims to provide trainees with a comprehensive education, preparing them for future professional challenges.