A total of 20 smart detection cameras at 10 locations along with two traffic lights that were installed on National Road 3 would be temporarily switched on soon to test their effectiveness in detecting road traffic law violations.

Ministry of Public Works and Transport spokesman Heang Sotheayut told The Post on November 9 that installation of the cameras along the 135 km section of the highway that connects Phnom Penh to Kampot province began in August and was completed on November 6.

He added that two modern traffic lights were also installed on the road at Sleng Pagoda in Kandal province and Ang Tasaom Market in Takeo province. The traffic lights were equipped with a wireless system for connecting from one pole to another and are controlled by smartphones. They are powered by solar energy.

The smart speed cameras at the 10 locations will be put into temporary use in the near future after receiving the approval of Minister of Interior Sar Kheng, who is also chairman of the National Committee for Road Safety, and Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol, who also serves as permanent vice-chairman of the committee, Sotheayut said.

“The traffic lights at both locations are put into temporary use from today onwards,” he added.

Sotheayut said the cameras and traffic lights are to monitor safety and facilitate the movement of traffic along National Road 3. The National Police will operate the cameras to manage data and deliver fines to people who break road regulations.

“These speed cameras allow officers to determine the speed, colour, vehicle types and licence plates of cars and detect drivers who do not wear seat belts or use a phone while driving.

“At a distance of 1 km before reaching a speed camera, we installed a sign warning drivers to watch out for a speed camera ahead,” he emphasised.

According to Sotheayuy, the official launch of the speed cameras and fines for speeding will be enforced after authorities have educated and informed people about the Road Traffic Law and the purpose of the speed cameras.