More than 1,000 candidates have applied to take entrance examinations at six ministries and institutions, following last month’s announcement by the Ministry of Civil Service that they will recruit 173 new officials.

On May 16, the civil service ministry notified potential applicants that it would post their information from May 17-19, in order for them to verify that the details are correct.

Applications have been received for positions at the civil service ministry itself; Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation; Ministry of Planning; Ministry of Tourism; Ministry of Justice; and the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA).

“The examination commission of the civil service ministry will post the list of candidates at the ministry headquarters and online via the social media of the relevant ministries and institutions, so they can verify their information,” the notice said.

Should any issues arise, candidates may correct their information by contacting the commission.

Yv Bunthol, secretary of state at the civil service ministry and head of the examination commission, said that if candidates do not register any mistakes, the information will be considered accurate and the commission will include it in the formal list of candidates soon.

Of the 1,044 candidates, 646 will take the exams at the social affairs ministry, 171 at the planning ministry, 77 at the civil service ministry, 73 at the tourism ministry, and 22 at the justice ministry.

The civil service ministry announced on April 10 that the following positions were available: 120 with the social affairs ministry, 27 with the planning ministry, nine with the tourism ministry, six with the civil service ministry and three with the justice ministry. The SSCA has seven positions available.