The Phnom Penh Municipal Administration will introduce new solid waste management fees in the capital to ensure the regular flow of operations and in line with current developments in the country.

In a notice on October 22, Municipal governor Khuong Sreng informed residents that the government has cooperated with the inter-ministerial working group and local authorities and used the technical consulting services of GRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solution Limited to update the service fees.

Sreng stated that based on the old 2003 service fees, policy and research in line with national economic growth and current living standards, the updated fees are divided into two categories.

The first is non-business locations which have 16 sub-categories, equivalent to 80 per cent of total locations. The second is business with 36 sub-categories, or 20 per cent of the total, with 15 per cent being service businesses and shops.

The updated fees will be implemented from November 1.

Sreng stated in the letter that the municipal administration would like to inform homeowners, business owners and all other residents of Phnom Penh that reform of waste management in Phnom Penh through bidding for three new operators to provide cleaning, collection and transportation services in the capital has been ongoing since July 1.

As a result, people have appreciated the change in service quality. For example, no more piles of rubbish left on the roadside, regular waste collection, new and better facilities; and more and better educated workers.

Sreng added that despite the good result, the administration noted that the implementation of the collection fee for solid waste management and transportation using the 2003 payment list was not in line with the nation’s economic growth, rising commodity prices and current living standards.

In particular, the municipal administration has struggled to pay the three operators the service fee for cleaning, collecting and transporting rubbish to the landfill. Therefore, the municipal administration decided to update the solid waste management fee.