Officials from of the General-Directorate of Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Prevention (CCF) inspected fuel businesses at 101 locations nationwide and revealed 46 sellers had cheated customers by selling regular fuel as super gasoline.

The operation was conducted from July 1 to August 25 and inspectors investigated 101 petrol stations and distributions depots.

CCF director-general Phan Oun said on August 25 that the Consumer Protection Law came into effect on July 1. CCF, he said, had instructed investigators from capital and provincial branches to enforce the law on offenders, including penalties defined by the Laws on Consumer Protection.

“Investigating specialists found 46 fuel depots operating their businesses dishonestly. They were not complying with the Laws on Consumer Protection,” he said.

Oun continued that the officials, who have the authority of judicial police, fined the violators according to the business operators’ offences. If they repeat the offences, they will be subjected to further measures in accordance with the consumer law.

CCF officials from branches in Phnom Penh on August 24 raided locations in the capital, busting eight gas stations and depots, four of which were cheating customers by changing the fuel types.

In a similar case, CCF officials from Takeo provincial branch on August 23-24 inspected fuel businesses to prevent dishonest activity and to protect consumers. They found six depots, three of which were Tram Kak district petrol sellers who cheated consumers, and were building legal cases against them.