Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol told a group of French journalists who were interviewing him on October 6 about the significant progress Cambodia has made in all areas of development – including infrastructure – over the past several decades.

The four journalists meeting with Chanthol represent some of the most influential publications and organisations in the French media establishment: Armelle Bohineust of Le Figaro, Claude Leblanc of L’Opinion, Alain Guillemoles of La Croix and Emmanuel Langlois of the France Info radio network.

The group of journalists are currently on a press junket to the Kingdom to cover business and economic news.

At the meeting, Chanthol highlighted the development of Cambodia across all sectors since the fall of the Khmer Rouge genocidal regime.

The minister noted the changes and developments in transport infrastructure and outlined Cambodia’s vision and direction for national, regional and international development going forward.

He also highlighted the efforts to promote the widespread use of electric vehicles (EVs) in Cambodia in order to contribute to reducing environmental pollution, as evidenced by efforts to undertake the installation of EV charging stations in the capital and provinces.

He also briefed the French journalists on the major projects that have already been implemented, ongoing projects as well as the many other projects to be implemented soon or in future.

The ministry said such a meeting plays an important role in revealing the true facts about the Kingdom and providing foreigners insight and understanding into Cambodia today – especially those who have just come to Cambodia for the first time and are surprised at the level of development, which it said is very different from the “old Cambodia” that they had previously seen depicted in various media sources.