The Cambodian Human Rights Committee (CHRC) has installed complaint boxes for inmates to lodge protests about their treatment in three locations – Correction Centre I, Correctional Centre II and Phnom Penh's Police Judiciary (PJ) prison.

The president of the CHRC, Keo Ramy led members of the CHRC and volunteer lawyers of the CHRC to install the complaint boxes in the locations on November 24.

“Keo Ramy initiated the idea of putting the complaint boxes at the prisons and the correctional centres to continue to strengthen cooperation between the CHRC and the prison to promote, respect and defend the rights and the freedom of the inmates,” according to a CHRC press release on November 24.

The inmates could express their dissatisfaction with a particular situation at the box and the exercise of their rights so that the CHRC will investigate and address their complaints.

The boxes were put at the three locations to test them before the CHRC decides to put such boxes in prisons across the country.

The CHRC expressed admiration for the directors of prisons and correctional centres in the capital and provinces for their close cooperation to respect and defend the rights of the inmates.