The Ministry of Civil Service has launched the “MCS Mobile” app to enable civil servants to verify personal information, positions and salaries in order to manage civil servants more effectively.

The app came after the ministry launched a new type of civil servant ID card late last year.

“The app allows civil servants to use it as a means of verifying personal information related to resumes, employment background, positions, categories of civil state employment, hierarchy and salary levels, and other data and key information,” the ministry’s notice said on March 7.

Civil servants can also receive timely information from the ministry via the app and they can download the app from the App Store and Play Store.

The ministry’s Information, Communication and Technology Training Centre director, Ngorn Moi, said the app is a means of modernization to effectively manage civil servants through digital technology to keep pace with economic policies and digital government in Cambodia.

“The app launch is to provide additional means for civil servants to verify, because in the past we can see that in each unit, they always ask the personnel office or department for information related to the work of civil servants.

“Now we are adding this function to effectively modernize the management of civil servants,” he said.

Moi said that as of March 2023, over 200,000 civil servants are employed in institutions and ministries.

One official at the capital’s Chroy Changvar district hall said the ministry’s recent modernisation attempts are very important because it makes it easier for civil servants to do things like verify their salaries.

“Today, the official’s card must contain a QR code,” the official said, adding that after scanning, it will show information such things as resume, rank and categories of civil state employment. It is easier to control civil servants and it is intended to get rid of any fake officials.

In December last year, Minister of Civil Service Prum Sokha officially inaugurated the use of the new type of civil servant ID card.

He said the new card would be used as an identity card and could be used as an ATM card for salary withdrawals from three banks that are partners with the ministry: ACLEDA Bank, Canadia Bank and Wing.