Prime Minister Hun Sen has issued a letter in conjunction with National Clean City Day on Thursday, urging the relevant authorities to ensure that traditional Khmer street food remains vibrant in the Kingdom’s cities.

This year’s National Clean City Day is being held under the theme Clean City: A City with Clean Street Food.

In his letter issued on Thursday, Hun Sen told relevant institutions and sub-national administrations to continue to promote Khmer food traditions, culture and heritage to ensure diversity of food in the tourism sector.

In the spirit of responding to recent development trends, Cambodia must continue to focus on issuance and implementation of national development strategies, he said.

Two key areas to be considered are the creation of competitive advantages and the guarantee of sustainable development.

On this basis, Cambodia launched the Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service, Good Hospitality campaign which is an appropriate strategy to contribute to the development of green tourism and bring Cambodia towards a greener and safer environment, he noted.

“Each district must have at least one food street to cater to the city’s tourist with satisfaction and unique experience in line with the campaign, ‘Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonders, Feel the Warmth’.

“I would also like to introduce the standard ‘Street available for Cambodian Food – Food Street’ and the standard ‘Food Stall along Cambodian Street – Street Food’,” Hun Sen said.

He said all parties involved will continue to co-sponsor and implement the campaigns launched by the government in support of the Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service movement for Cambodia to be a “clean and green” tourist destination.

Hun Sen noted this is the eighth year that Cambodia is celebrating National Clean City Day.

He said tourists generally seek to enjoy clean and reliable street food, which reflects local culture and customs and allows small-scale businesses to grow.

“Food brings a message of culture, identity and locality to tourists, and creates unique experiences and memories,” Hun Sen said.