Cambodia will host its annual Clean Energy Week on November 16-23. The week will feature a range of events which will showcase innovation and various clean energy successes. 

It represents a good opportunity to share knowledge and best practices in the clean energy sector, with some of the many organisations who are working closely alongside the government to reduce emissions in Cambodia.

“The events will include dialogues, workshops, exhibitions, and events which showcase the innovations, successes, and inclusive benefits of clean energy. They will foster collaboration between private and public sector stakeholders and raise awareness among the public,” said a joint press release issued by EnergyLab Cambodia, the Australian Embassy in Cambodia, the New Zealand Embassy in Cambodia and the UNDP on November 9.

The release explained that Cambodia has advanced its clean energy opportunities in recent years, with a strong commitment to delivering energy system security, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The sixth edition of the Clean Energy Week aligns with these efforts and is poised to advance progress with a focus on energy security and the associated economic and social benefits of clean energy.

Through the release, Justin Whyatt, Australian ambassador to Cambodia, said he was delighted that Australia is continuing its sponsorship of Clean Energy Week again this year.

“Australia is working to support Cambodia’s clean energy transition goals. Clean energy offers economic opportunity and can also support Cambodia’s energy security and pathway to carbon neutrality.

“Through our flagship economic development program, the Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development (CAPRED), Australia will support Cambodia to increase the uptake of variable renewable energy, support professional development of energy officials, connect remote Cambodians to off-grid solar, and support energy efficiency through an ESCO market,” he added.

New Zealand Ambassador to Cambodia Jonathan Kings commented that New Zealand was pleased to be able to support the delivery of this year’s Clean Energy Week. This event will provide an opportunity to share knowledge, innovation and best practice on clean energy from those closely involved in Cambodia’s journey to a low emissions future.

“Cooperation on our common aspirations of limiting the impacts of climate change is a key priority for New Zealand’s support to Cambodia,” he said.

“We are proud to be able to support Cambodia on this goal, not only through this event, but also through our support to climate resilient agriculture and effective management of water resources,” he added.

UNDP resident representative to Cambodia Alissar Chaker described some examples of the UNDP’s work in the Kingdom’s energy sector. This included solar rooftop panels, the installation of solar mini-grids for access to renewable energy in off-grid isolated areas and several islands, as well as solar water pumps which address the energy-water-and food nexus. It also conducted e-mobility policy work and demonstrations, and worked to enhance private sector involvement through de-risking investments in energy efficiency and testing innovative business models.

“We are committed to advancing the just transformation of energy systems through an integrated agenda focused on policy, technology, and financial shifts that shape sustainable economic development in the Kingdom, in line with its priorities and ambitions,” she said.

She added that the integrated energy agenda contributed to Cambodia’s Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs) for reducing domestic emissions and adapting to climate change, as well as to the UNDP’s Climate Promise, which is the world’s largest offer of support for countries to enhance their NDC pledges under the Paris Agreement.