World Vision Cambodia has spent more than $3 million over 18 years to educate people in the use of clean water and nutrition for children in Kampong Chhnang province’s Cholkiri district, benefitting nearly 20,000 local people.

The international NGO commenced work and operation of the Regional Development Programme Cholkiri district in 2003, targeting 13 villages in Cholsa, Kampong Os and Prey Kri communes, according to their press release on August 17.

The regional development programme in the district will be completed in September this year with 4,316 families consisting of 18,890 people and 9,870 children who have benefitted from the initiative.

“Over 18 years the mission has contributed to the development of Cholkiri district. World Vision Cambodia has spent more than $3.6 million, which was received from the Australian people through World Vision Australia,” the press statement said.

The NGO, local authorities and communities in the district lauded the programme’s achievements. Community members said the NGO had made significant contributions to the development of the region, especially in the areas of health, nutrition, poverty reduction, as well as education and child protection.

“World Vision not only provides technical training and support but also provides material and practical knowledge to key people in each department,” said Cholkiri vice district governor Dov Kimsin.

According to Kimsin, the NGO had assisted vulnerable families earn incomes from goat raising, sewing, chicken raising and fishing. Farmers can now plant rice three times per year, in contrast to once per year before, after receiving advice on farming techniques, seeds and rehabilitated irrigation systems. Now yields have increased from 3.4 to 4.5 tonnes per hectare.

According to the press statement, the programme has also improved public health services at Cholkiri Health Centre, building toilets in the community, and the supply of clean water.