The government has issued a decision establishing an inter-ministerial committee to study and prepare legal standards regarding the title of Oknha — an honorific bestowed on those who have made significant contributions to national development — with provisions that allow for the official revocation of the title.

The decision was signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen on April 9, but wasn’t released until May 17. It came at the request of the Ministry of Interior.

The committee will be led by interior ministry secretary of state Bun Honn, who will serve as its president. A representative from the Council of Ministers will serve as the deputy president.

The committee will also be joined by representatives from the ministries of Economy and Finance; Civil Service; Justice; Culture and Fine Arts; Religion and Cults; and other officials from the interior ministry.

The committee is tasked with researching and writing legal standards to control, provide and revoke the Oknha title. They will also clearly define the rights and duties of those with the honorific.

The committee will submit their work to interior minister Sar Kheng for review and approval and prepare legal documents for the government to use in shaping its new policies regarding the title.

The move came after a series of scandals involving tycoons with the honorific.