The National Committee for Organising National and International Festivals has advised all relevant ministries and municipal and provincial administrations to prepare to celebrate Queen Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk’s 87th birthday.

The committee said authorities should decorate their offices with national and religious flags and prepare photos along with stories depicting her activities and achievements ahead of her birthday on June 18.

Committee chairman Kong Sam Ol, who is also Minister of the Royal Palace, said that every year, the royal family, municipal and provincial administrations and people all over the country celebrate the Queen Mother’s birthday.

This ceremony will be celebrated in accordance with ancient royal traditions and will express the nation’s gratitude for the physical and mental sacrifices she has made through her noble activities in the cause of the motherland and the people, especially in the humanitarian, social and education fields.

“In order to organise the royal ceremony in accordance with ancient traditions – and to implement health and administrative measures to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 – the committee recommends the Ministry of the Royal Palace plan a ceremony, in accordance with tradition and the wishes of the queen,” he said.

He added that all ministries, secretariats and institutions must display a picture of the Queen Mother with decorations and well wishes. They should also erect flags and banners to honour her.

The Ministry of Cults and Religions will instruct its provincial departments to remind all pagodas to do the same.

The Ministry of Information must arrange to broadcast the achievements of the Queen Mother on state and private radio and television.

Sam Ol also asked the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts to produce a traditional concert programme to be broadcast to celebrate this event.

All schools, factories and manufacturing enterprises, businesses and citizens are to fly flags symbolising the Nation, Religion and King to mark the occasion.