More than 100 officials from the Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression Directorate-General (CCF) on August 9 received training on the anti-corruption law and how to investigate offences before building legal cases for referral to court.

The training was provided by the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) and attended by investigating officers, or judicial police, from the CCF branches throughout the country. Three ACU speakers were on hand to give a presentation on the legal aspects and implementation of the law.

Senior Minister and ACU head Om Yentieng said the training focused on four key topics and aimed at sharing knowledge and experience to the officers.

“We explained the anti-corruption law and how to investigate corruption offences and build cases to take to court. We also presented the progress, challenges and cooperation in the investigation of money laundering, and examples of misuse and fraud in business,” he said.

CCF director-general Phan Oun told The Post on August 9 that the more than 120 CCF officials included department directors and their deputies as well as heads of branches nationwide.

He said the course provided knowledge to CCF officials related to money laundering offences which required cooperation with the ACU.

After completing the training, Oun expected that the participants would share their newfound knowledge with their subordinates to ensure that Cambodia’s financial management becomes stronger.

“The course we conducted with the ACU on the anti-corruption law was intended to provide CCF officials with an understanding of the general legal aspects and understanding of ACU investigative procedures, as well as sharing the ACU’s experience with CCF officials,” he said.

Oun also requested ACU cooperation in investigations related to the crime of money laundering in dishonest business.

“We request the cooperation of the ACU in some investigative work, especially when it comes to procedures for investigating crimes related to competition law. This is an important issue that the CCF’s investigating officials or the judicial police require assistance with,” he said.