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Dear Sir:

O n this auspicious occasion of the International Women's Day, I

would like to also take this opportunity in order to talk to you about the

"Sensitive Problem in Khmer Society."

I always think corruption in the

society is a part of the debauchery which leads to the destruction of the nation

and the Cambodian people as a whole.

Corruption is the death of

everything that is good and fair and equitable and freely


Corruption leads to heavy losses in terms of free democracy

and fundamental human rights.

Corruption is a social illness which is

endless and that overruns the human society rapidly, and with cruel actions in

everywhere throughout the country and the world.

Cambodia today is short

of almost everything. Therefore, we necessitate to restore and reconstruct our

war torn country.

At the same time, we have to take stronger measures to

stem both the speed of the political instability and economic imbalance so as to

ensure the social security and the people's living condition.

At the

present, Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world but, however, it

is a beautiful county, which has been rich in natural and cultural properties.

It has also been known as a high-civilized nation, with the prestige of the

Angkor era.

In fact, I understand that the Royal Government of Cambodia

should establish a special commission which is in charge of controlling and

eradicating social evils such as corruption, bribery, gambling, drugs smuggling,

and sex trade which has taken root in Khmer society for so many


However, the government is now failing to crack down on corruption

that is growing rapidly in various institutions of state.

For example,

some of the medical workers of the ministry of health in the "Monk's Hospital"

in Phnom Penh who are involved in corruption and dishonesty have not yet been

dealt with properly.

The case of the corruption is that the doctors

examined a fifty-year-old farmer after he complained of a stomach ache - and

found liver infection.

After operating the doctors gave him the medicines

and serum and went back their office and then the medical workers came here

again in order to take money from the patient. The patient did not say anything

else, because he was afraid of them.

At the end, the medical workers

ordered him to buy the medicines and the serum at the private pharmacy in front

of the hospital.

Unfortunately when he came back. He brought the medical

workers these medicines and after that the medical workers stole his medicines

and gave him only half for his personal use.

Moreover, if the patient

needed one of the staff to inject medicine or to operate, the patient had to

give him or her money.

So it is time for some of the medical workers who

are involved in corruption and dishonesty to give up such a bad


And please pay attention to giving medical care to the unsupported

people, and especially the needy families in rural areas.

I am firmly

convinced that if you have studied the constitution of the Royal Kingdom of

Cambodia in chapter VI on Education, Culture and Social Affairs in Article 72

you will know clearly about your personal duty and the right of Khmer


- Ros Rasmey, Phnom Penh


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