In the ever-evolving world of commerce, CP stands as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking lucrative investment opportunities in 2024. 

With a rich history of fostering successful partnerships, CP Cambodia invites you to explore its diverse portfolio of franchises, each offering a unique pathway to business ownership. 

This year the spotlight shines on the Five Star, Star Coffee, Hi-Pork and CP Fresh Shop businesses – each a testament to CP’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable growth.

1. Five Star 

Five Star is a popular franchise business that has long been in the hearts of customers since 2015. 

Today, it boasts a robust network of approximately 360 branches, a testament to its enduring popularity and the continuous patronage it enjoys. 

The franchise’s success is built on a foundation of delectable products, impeccable quality, rigorous hygiene standards and fair pricing. 

For franchisees, Five Star is not just a business but a gateway to prosperity, offering substantial growth prospects and the chance to significantly enhance one’s daily income and family life.

A Five Star franchise business sells a variety of products such as fried chicken, pate, meatballs, hot dogs and many more snack products.

2. Star Coffee 

In Cambodia’s crowded coffee sector, Star Coffee stands out as a shining example of CP Cambodia’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

Star Coffee offers a comprehensive package for those embarking on their own business journey.

Operating more than 30 branches, the franchise offers a comprehensive package for those embarking on their own business journey. 

With Star Coffee, investors gain access to a wealth of resources, including assistance with shop setup, marketing expertise, and brewing education – ensuring that even novices can step confidently into the world of coffee retail.

Star Coffee’s offerings extend beyond beverages such as coffee, green tea, lemon tea and sodas, to scrumptious snacks, all crafted with premium ingredients, ensuring hygiene and value for money.

3. Hi Pork 

While running a food business continues to prove extremely popular among Cambodians, the high cost of opening a shop can be a barrier to many people. 

Hi Pork is a CP ‘spend less capital, generate high revenue’ franchise.

However, a “spend less capital, generate high revenue” CP Cambodia Hi Pork franchise is a good choice for those wishing to start their own business.

With four branches strategically located across Cambodia, Hi Pork represents an accessible franchise model that promises greater returns for a modest capital investment.

Hi Pork offers a wide range of products such as grilled pork, deep fried pork, grilled pork with rice, deep fried pork with rice, and many others. 

All are made hygienically with high quality ingredients, affordably priced, all sourced from local, quality-assured pork.

4. CP Fresh Shop 

While consuming meat helps to support our bodies, ensuring quality of the meat with hygienic and safe conditions is a must to attract customers. 

CP Fresh Shop, a CP Cambodia franchise business, is an option for those wishing to start their own retail franchise business. 

CP Fresh Shop is an option for those wishing to start their own retail franchise business.

CP Fresh Shop is a franchise business opportunity supported by CP Cambodia in areas such as shop design and marketing, as well as training in how to properly cut meat. 

Those with no sales experience can also partner with CP Fresh Shop.

The franchise specialises in providing fresh products, including pork, chicken, and eggs, alongside a curated selection of CP products and groceries, all under one roof.

With its vision of being the “Kitchen of the World”, Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) – the agro-industrial and food conglomerate headquartered in Thailand – has been investing in Cambodia under the name “CP Cambodia Co, Ltd” since 1996.

CP Cambodia operates three main businesses – “feed, farm and food”, with the distribution of its products, both wholesale and retail, centred on social and environmental responsibility.

For those poised to take their first steps into the business world, these four franchises represent a golden opportunity, and CP Cambodia extends a warm invitation to potential investors to join its growing family. 

To learn more about these exciting ventures, interested parties are encouraged to contact CP Cambodia Co, Ltd / Five Star Cambodia / Star Coffee / Hi Pork Cambodia /CP Fresh Shop at 096 66 111 66/092 863 873.