The ongoing development of the national health sector and medical human resources aims to enhance the quality of healthcare, with a special focus on the well-being of mothers and children, in line with the government’s Pentagonal Strategy, according to the Cambodian Red Cross (CRC).

CRC president Bun Rany made the remarks on the National Day of Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, held under the theme “Strengthening the quality of maternal, infant and child healthcare services to achieve global health coverage” on February 21, as reported on the group’s social media. 

Rany said the theme demonstrates the Ministry of Health’s commitment to implementing key measures. 

“In this context, the CRC and the National Elite Working Group are committed to supporting and continuing to educate women about prenatal health during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as maternal and child healthcare,” she stated.

“This includes preventing infectious diseases like HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B from being transmitted from mother to child, with the aim of achieving a transmission rate of less than five per cent by 2025,” she added. 

Rany also called on mothers to take their babies for regular health checks at medical centres or hospitals with properly trained specialists.

In her message, she encouraged mothers to take their children to hospitals as soon as they notice any signs of pneumonia, diarrhoea or other illness.

“Leaders, civil servants, health workers, doctors, midwives and all service providers must uphold professional ethics and responsibility to support the government’s priority policies. This ensures efficiency, and aligns with the government’s goals and regulations,” she stated.

She also urged all relevant national and international institutions to continue investing in maternity and paediatric care, as well as supporting skills training and education for health officials, staff, local officials and community educators.

“I sincerely hope that the government will achieve more in improving the health of mothers and young children in Cambodia,” she said.

In observance of the day, the CRC coordinated a seminar on “Reproductive, Maternal, Infant, Child and Primary Healthcare” at its central headquarters.

CRC secretary-general Pum Chantinie said during the opening of the discussion that the purpose of the event was not only to observe the day but also to recall the same day in 2011, when Rany was appointed a “National Champion for the UN Secretary-General’s Action Plan for Women’s and Children’s Health” for her efforts to promote and raise awareness of maternal and child health across the Kingdom.

“The CRC and the National Elite Working Group are joining the government’s effort to build healthy and capable human resources by raising awareness and promoting reproductive and maternal health, alongside primary healthcare,” she added.