The ministries of interior and transport on November 28 reviewed and discussed the Draft National Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety (DNP-DARS) 2021-2030, seen as an important roadmap for preventing and reducing traffic casualties.

The meeting, held at the Ministry of Interior headquarters, was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and interior minister Sar Kheng, with Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol as well as representatives from other relevant institutions in attendance.

Min Manvy – transport ministry secretary of state and secretary-general of the National Road Safety Committee (NRSC) – said while presenting the main points of the DNP-DARS that the plan is the second of its kind, the first of which was implemented from 2011 to 2021.

“The plan is a tool which will contribute to the successful implementation of the government’s Rectangular Strategy. It is in line with the National Road Safety Policy approved by the Council of Ministers at its plenary session on February 21, 2014,” she said.

Manvy noted that it is also in line with the UN Global Action Plan, which is based on road traffic laws and their common links to national progress.

These links include population and economic growth, infrastructure development as well as law enforcement.

“The second DNP-DARS is an important roadmap for preventing and reducing traffic fatalities and injuries,” she said.

Sar Kheng thanked all the working groups of the NRSC for their many suggestions to improve the DNP-DARS.

He also instructed the General Secretariat of the NRSC to continue the review of procedure to ensure that the draft is as comprehensive as possible.

According to a November 24 press release by the Asia Injury Foundation (AIP), one of the main UN sustainable development goals (SGDs) is a 50 per cent reduction in road casualties.

In September next year, the heads of state and government from around the world will gather to participate in the SDGs summit as part of the UN General Assembly Week.