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The road to good governance can be long and arduous, but on occasion there are

a few lighter moments. Above is a copy of a recently approved Prakas. At right is

an unofficial translation. The Post extends its best wishes to the happy couple.

Praise the Lord and pass the Chivas.


Kingdom of Cambodia

Nation Religion King

Ministry of Rural Development

No: 064/05 MoRD

Phnom Penh, 17th June 2005


Setting up a commission to organize a wedding party for the Son of Excellency

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Ministry of Rural Development at Mondial

Center on 20th June 2005

To be convenient for organizing the party for honored guests at the wedding of the

son of His Excellency Deputy Prime Minister and Minister at the Ministry of Rural

Development at Mondial Center on 20th June 2005:

The decision

PRAKAS 1: Creating a commission to organize the party:

1. Excellency Heng Neangchhiev, director

2. Excellency Leng Teukseng, deputy director

3. Excellency Chy Sona, deputy director

4. Excellency Svay Reth, member

5. Excellency Choup Samart, member

6. Excellency Leav Sinara, member

7. Excellency Chiem Nimul, member

8. Excellency Nhem Sophanna, member

This commission has the duty to control and coordinate general affairs.

PRAKAS 2: Creating sub-commissions to coordinate work

for the party organizing commission:

I. Sub-commission for supplies:

1. Mr. Ly Savuth, director

2. Mr. Chan Darong, deputy director

3. Mr. Ngi Yuka, deputy director

4. Mr. Sam Sai, member

5. Mr. Seng Narong, member

6. Mr. Sao Chivoan, member

7. Mr. Sum Nhean, member

This sub-commission has the duty to control the supply of food, putting and adding

beverages on each table and collecting the remaining beverages by cooperating with


II. Sub-commission for greeting:

1. Mr. Mour Kimsan, director

2. Mr. Heu Bunkim, deputy director

3. Mr. Ek Pha, deputy director

4. Mr. Chhean Leang, member

5. Mr. Thieng Vandarong, member

6. Mr. Hour Kolvoan, member

7. Mr. Yim Chhung, member

8. Mrs. Lach Saman, member

This sub-commission has duty to greet and invite guests to take a seat.

III. Sub-commission for security matters:

1. Mr. Seng Sothea, director

2. Mr. Lao Sokharum, deputy director

3. Mr. Toun Sophal, deputy director

4. Mr. Mao Saray, member

5. Mr. Chea Samnang, member

6. Mr. Yoeun Sophal, member

7. Mr. Phan Saphoeun, member

This sub-commission has duty to cooperate with police security forces.

IV. Sub-commission for listing wedding gifts:

1. Mr. Seak Sophal, director

2. Mr. Kim Vathna, deputy director

This sub-commission has duty to be responsible for wedding gifts.

PRAKAS 3: The Commission and each sub-commission have

to choose more members to complete work effectively.

PRAKAS 4: Excellency, Mr and Mrs who are in Prakas 1

and Prakas 2 above have the duty to implement the decision effectively.

Deputy Prime Minister

& Minister
Lu Laysreng


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